CI Champions, LLC, USA
A Consulting Company
Matching U.S. Companies with Chinese Investors
CI Champions is a facilitator between China Investors
and the USA Companies

We are seeking for investors in China, Hong Kong and Asia for High-
tech Medical Device Companies in the USA
Your Investment Opportunities - in the USA
Estimated 5 to 10 times Return On Investment (ROI)
We represent companies in the USA
These USA companies are seeking for from US$ 1 million to US$ 100
Your investment can be as low as US$ 1 million as part of the total
investment in any of our represented companies
Please contact us if you are an investor in China, Hong Kong or Asia
High Asset Individual
Venture Capitalist
Private Equity
Fund Manager
Company looking for investments in the USA
We will present at least 4 companies for your investment consideration

We are seeking for Startups, Early-Stage, Late-Stage &
Expansion in the USA
Your company must project a 10 times or more Return On Investment
Your products must be in a US$ 500K or larger market arena
Your company must be profitable within 24 months
Please contact us if you are looking for investments
Medical Devices
Life Science
Clean Tech
There is no fee unless you accepted the investment
We do not charge any upfront fees
We visit Hong Kong 4 times or more every year
We will present your company to at least 4 Investors

We are seeking for China Investors for Real Estate Opportunity in
the USA

Equity Investment - Estimated ROI - 100% in 5 years
Real Estate Loan -  Return is 8% or higher
We have a very secure Senior Housing Developments and Senior Housing
Business Operations. Here is the process.
We will purchase the land after a detailed market research on the land
Our state-of-the Art requirements for building facilities will attract senior
clients to come in and stay in the facility
Our Contractor has done many senior housing facilities. The construction
will take 1.0 to 1.5 years
The Senior Housing Business will be operated and maintained by a very
experienced company. They know exactly how to market and get senior
clients to fill the vacancies. They know how to keep the seniors continue
to stay in the facility. They know how to maintain the facility.
In the 3rd to 4th year, the Senior Housing Business will be stabilized in the
occupancy - about 90% occupied
In the 4th year, this business, the building and the land, are ready for sale.
We will sell this at almost the peak of the business
In the 5th year the project should be sold with a good profit

Green Cards available
Investment into Secured Real Estate - Senior Housing Development and
Business Operations
We offer the above Senior House Projects to any EB5 Investors

Lean/Six Sigma Consulting
Management Efficiency Consulting
Office Operation Efficiency Consulting
Office Operation Process Improvement
Efficiency improvement of 50% is typical
Continuation of Improvement

Graphic Design
For advertizing
For retail packaging
Great Design
Extremely affordable - will meet your budget

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expressed or implied, is or will be made, and no responsibility or liability is or will be accepted
by CI Champions, LLC in relation to the completeness or accuracy of this document. This document contains forward-looking statements concerning the company’s operation, economic performance, prospects and financial conditions. Such forward-looking statements are subject to risks and uncertainties. Actual results could differ materially from those anticipated by forward-looking statements due to a number of important factors. CI Champions, LLC will not be responsible whatsoever for any inaccuracy of such forward-looking statements. The decision to participate in this transaction is based solely on the due diligence and conclusions made by the investor.

Solid Clot Removal - Medical Device

Nanospectra Cancer Treatment - Prostate Cancer Treatment with
Nano Particles (Nanotechnology)

Early Heart Attack Detection -
A new Blood Test - with Protein Biomarkers

NearInfrared Inc
Needle Illumination - Combined Near Infrared + Ultrasound Imaging Technology

Real Estate Development & Senior Housing

Green Cards - Investment into Secured Real Estate

Summary of all Investments

Lean/Six Sigma Consulting
Increase your office operations / process 50%

Graph Art & Website Design
Fast & Reasonable Price

Investment Opportunities & Projects